V D Zincare

Earthing Strip & Material

When looking for the best hot dip galvanising material for earthing, it is a good idea to do some research. V D Zincare is a well-known Indian company that offers high-quality earthing materials for both commercial and residential applications. We provide materials that will last a lifetime and have the durability and strength to easily withstand electrical shocks and fluctuations.

Earthing contributes to the flow's stability while also providing constant protection against shocks, burns, and other hazards. The main goal of earthing is to provide an alternate channel for faulty electricity to flow through so that it does not interfere with the actual flow of current and keeps users and gadgets safe.


Earthing Pipes

These are commonly known as pipe electrodes, and they are typically used in power transmission applications. The best pipes on the market and those that should be used are made of GI and copper. The pipes should be simple to install and made of durable materials that will last a lifetime.

Earthing Strips

These are required for electrical and thermal conductivity balance. Earthing strips are required and come in a variety of thicknesses. The thickness will range from 3mm to 6mm, with a width of 15mm to 100mm. Copper, GI, and aluminium are used to make these strips.

Earthing Wire

This is the most essential material for earthing. The earthing wires are primarily made of high-quality copper or GI, which can be used in a variety of electrical, electronic, and automotive instruments. They are made of high-quality galvanised metals that are extremely durable and shock-resistant. Hot dip galvanised earthing material is used to make these wires strong and long-lasting.

Earthing Plates

Earthing plates are used for shock resistance in both commercial and residential settings. These plates are also made of galvanised earthing material, which ensures property safety, durability, and shock resistance.