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Solar Structure

We are a top manufacturer and supplier of Module Mounting Structure to our customers. V D Zincare Experts offers a variety of solar products and accessories, including Solar Module Mounting Structures such as Solar Panel Mounting Structure, Solar Panel Structure, Solar Mounting Structure, Module Mounting Structure, Tin Shade Module Mounting Structures, and Roof Top Solar Module Mounting Structures. We provide this highly efficient product to our clients at the most competitive marketing prices. These are well-known for their durability and sturdiness.

V D Zincare has manufacturing excellence that is efficient, standardised, flexible, and replicable, providing dependable mounting solutions.


Rooftop Mounting Structure

Solar PV panels are installed on the building's roof in a rooftop mounting system. It can be either a residential or a commercial/industrial structure. The rooftop mounting structure is further classified into two types:

  • Standard Rooftop Structure
  • Elevated Rooftop Structure

Ground Mounted Structure

The solar panels in a ground mounting solar system are installed on the ground. The land on which the solar structure will be installed could be parks, playgrounds, agricultural land, and so on. As mentioned below, there are three types of ground mounting solar structures.

  • Foundation Mounting Structure
  • Ballasted Solar Mounting Structure
  • Pole Mounting Structure